Hopes… and fears…

Ah! The music of Christmas! Some of the most beautiful music ever written — in my humble opinion!

Unfortunately, though, anything that is familiar runs the risk of becoming… well, ho-hum. And the songs of Christmas, songs rich with meaning, are no exception.

“The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee [the town of Bethlehem] tonight.” HOW? By having a baby born in a lowly manger, a baby who was unique in being fully God and fully man, a baby who would grow up to be the Savior of mankind.

The world that baby was born into was a world in turmoil. Roman soldiers intimidated citizens by their presence. Corrupt officials created an atmosphere of distrust. Weary God-followers wondered when the Messiah, the Promised One would appear. How long, O Lord, must we wait?

I’ve found myself with similar thoughts as our world, especially since the pandemic turned everything upside down, has seemingly been spinning out of control. An atmosphere of distrust, of suspicion, of confusion has robbed our hearts of peace.

And yet…“the hopes and fears of ALL the years are met in thee tonight.” That means even my hopes and fears. Today. HOW? By trusting in what the Christ Child came to do.

I would imagine all of us have a myriad of hopes and fears. They surface at different times in different ways and can leave us feeling hopeless, helpless, fearful. Maybe it would be helpful during this holiday season to take some time to identify our hopes and fears — and to honestly begin to deal with them.

And as we do this, perhaps with a trusted friend but for sure with God, it will help us to have joy in the journey of this thing called “Life.”

2 thoughts on “Hopes… and fears…”

  1. So much love your thoughts written down for us. There are a great inspiration and I read them every time with joy. Thank you Mary and have a wonderful Christmas


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